Didcot Metalwork Services

Tel / Fax 01235 834813 - didcot.m.s@btconnect.com

welding and fabrication of handrails, balustrades, security guards etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you weld any type of metal?

Yes. We can weld any type of metal, steel, aluminium, stainless steel, iron. We can also braze and provide casting solutions to meet your requirements.

Can you produce a one-off design for a gate.

Yes. We can design and manufacture one-off designs for any of your requirements, or we can work from your own designs, whether they be in great detail, or rough ideas.

I have ornate garden fencing which is badly rusted - can you repair it?

Yes. We can dismante the old fence, clean it, and repair it. Or if the fence is too badly damage we can fabricate exact replica sections to replace the damaged areas, or the entire fence.

Do you work with structural and architectural metalwork?

Yes. We have experience of working with structural and architectural metalwork - fabrication, cleaning, repair, and installation.

Can you produce safety guards to health and safety standards?

Yes. Where required, all of our guards comply with the health and safety requirements specified.

Can you repair all types of cast wheel?

Yes. We can repair all types of cast wheel - obviously, as is the case with any repair, if the damage is too great then a repair is not feasible - both financially and structurally. Most buckling and cracking damage around the edge of the rim is repairable and chips/scuff anywhere on the rim is repairable.

Do you undertake work "on site"?

Yes. We will undertake work "on site" in the Oxford area, and a little further afield for larger jobs.

Will you take on any kind of metalwork commission?

Yes. If it's metal - we do it.