Didcot Metalwork Services

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welding and fabrication of handrails, balustrades, security guards etc

Frequently Asked Questions

We are organising a local festival - can you address our traffic management requirements?

Yes. We have experience of this kind of event and can meet all of your needs, whether you are hoding a street party, a festival, a parade or a special ceremony

I have a tree which needs felling, but the contractor says he needs the road closed and traffic management solutions in place- can you provide an end to end solution for me?

Yes. For domestic situations like this, we can either advise you of the procedure to get permissions, or if necessary provide an end to end service, working with the contractor to apply for permission for the required date(s) and then putting in place the traffic management solution for you.

I have ornate garden fencing which is badly rusted - can you repair it?

Yes. We can dismante the old fence, clean it, and repair it. Or if the fence is too badly damage we can fabricate exact replica sections to replace the damaged areas, or the entire fence.

How much notice is required if I need to close a road an put in place traffic management solutions?

For an event a minimum notice period of 6 weeks is normally requested by the councils, although this can vary from council to council. For private and domestic requirements this can differ.