Didcot Metalwork Services

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welding and fabrication of handrails, balustrades, security guards etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make an exact replica of an existing sign, but with different placenames on the fingers?

Yes. We have in the past created exact replicas to replace badly damaged signs, and also we have manufactured new signs, replicating the exact style of an existing sign, or even working from photographs or documentation of how signs used to be in a specific area.

Do you manufacture AND install the signs?

Yes. We offer a complete end to end service including consultancy through to installation, and maintennce of existing signs in need of care.

We have a badly damaged sign - can you repair it?

Yes. We can normally repair any type of sign - OR - if the sign is too seriously damaged, we will advise that the more cost effective route is to have us manufacture an exact replica of the sign.

Can you create a plaque in keeping with the new sign, to commemorate an event or date?

Yes. We can do pretty much anything with our sign designs, and we have in the past added plaques and sheilds to the signs for specific events and customers.

Are your signs 'road legal'?

Yes. Our signs can be provided, if the application calls for it, with the level of reflectivity required by current Department of Transport regulations.

Do you undertake work throughout the United Kingdom?

Yes. We will undertake work throughout the UK, and have to date worked in many areas of England and Wales.

Do you work in other materials?

Yes. Along with the metal signs, we also can repair, restore or replace wooden signs.

Are your materials recycled, or sustainable?

Yes. All the materials we use are either recycled or supplied from substainable sources.