Didcot Metalwork Services

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welding and fabrication of handrails, balustrades, security guards etc

We are not happy to just reproduce the beauty of old fingerpost signs - we use

our technology to improve them!

In our experience we have found that many communities and councils would like to retain the character of an area by using signage in keeping with the age and beauty of its suroundings, but feel compelled by current safety standards to install modern alternatives, which many people feel detract from the beauty and appeal of the local area both to residents and tourists alike.

Here at DMS we use our technology to make signage that is safe and compliant with current legislation, whlst retaining the charm, character and individuality of its specific corner of Britain. The signs are acid etch primed, and use high quality materials for durablity and longevity, they utilise our innovative composite design allowing easy modification and maintenance, and they provide the level of reflectivity required by Department of Transport legislation. The castings are of LM6 aluminium. This is flexible so less likley to snap off if hit. It is recycled so environmentally friendly. The welded components are HE30 6082/5083, also flexible and made from recycled materials. Posts are recycled Steel.